The World is Full of Cats & Do

The ‘Players’ in the Circle of Life Continue to be Discovered

 ~ Samantha Lewis

In 2013, a brand new species of cat was discovered living in Northeastern Brazil. Out of the blue, this new cat known as the ‘tigrina’ was specified as being a ‘new’ species because of the fact that the two populations of tigrina that scientists first thought were one species ended up to not interbreed, which makes each sub-species absolutely distinct and new to this planet.


Pampas cat

Pampas cat

And, as always with humans, the species was immediately hunted. Which means the scientists immediately went down the path of conservation efforts—attempting their very best to put into place laws regarding poaching of the animal and the designation of national parkland for the species to live, roam, and not have to worry about being the next ‘big ticket item’ for mankind’s stupidity.


This particular species came through the evolutionary process from the Pampas cat, which dwell in the grasslands/scrublands ranging from southern Argentina through Peru and Ecuador; and the Geoffroy’s cat, which boasts a brownish-yellow or gray coat. Their fur is interesting, seeing as that both black spots and dark bands are a part of its style. The two came together and the tigrina was born. The size of a house cat, this leopard is a new, very cool species that’s been gifted to the earth.


Only a year later, a brand new cat species was found. Far up in the Himalayas, while researchers and scientists were doing their thing, a small feline was discovered. This small, spotted beast prowls the rocky mountain terrain for food. And although not named, the cat soon was called the Pallas cat. Listed under the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, conservationists and workers are extremely happy about yet another discovery for the feline world, and have high hopes there is more to come.


You ask if the world has gone to the cats? Heck no. Although there are no ‘new’ species of dog, per se, there are some very unique and extremely hard-to-find dog species that are more than lovable, and may just point to the fact that there are some canines out there that have yet to be discovered in the wild. Some species are so odd that even the American Kennel Club do not extend their acknowledgment of them. Doesn’t matter, however, considering their owners most definitely acknowledge all the amazing things about them.


Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

There is no dog more noble and solemn when it comes to the regal, mysterious Tibetan Mastiff. Huge, size-wise, this dog boasts a double-coat and is one of those wonderful guardians that are always watchful of their surroundings. Not much for obedience training, the Tibetan Mastiff is independent and literally look as if they know something the rest of us can only guess at.


When it comes to athleticism, the Swedish Vallhund is the dog most like Tom Brady. Obedient, agile, a tracker, a herder, and a powerful, fearless breed that is a stunner. A variety of coat colors, a variety of tail lengths, this is a beauty who knows exactly how to play.


If a cute lamb is required, the Bedlington Terrier has that same wool coat, but even though they look cute and furry this is one breed that is faster than a speeding bullet. Racing to catch their prey and rid the home of any rat or vermin you don’t want in there, this breed is all about endurance.


You have a lamb, you might as well have a fox. The Finnish Spitz is agile and sly, with ears that stand erect, a dense coat and bushy tail that come in all colors – including the auburn of a fox.


An amazingly unique breed is the New Guinea Singing Dog. They do not burst into a chorus of Ave Maria, however their amazing vocals make them a very loving and interesting companion. Intelligence to the max.


The Finnish Karelian Bear Dog, although a very common breed in their own country, are difficult to ever see elsewhere. This is the beauty;

Karelian Bear Dog

Karelian Bear Dog

thekindness in the eyes. Yet don’t let those eyes fool you, this guy is a watchdog and guardian to the extreme. Loyal, with a fearless nature, this bear is perfect.


New species, a variety of unique breeds – the world is full of cats and dogs that need to be seen, loved, and are yet to be discovered. This is something to be extremely thankful for this holiday season. God knows humans have a lot to learn about loyalty, peace, and kindness – and the animal kingdom could teach everyone a lesson in how to achieve all of the above.


Source:  Baret News Wire