Bores & Snores Versus Great Football Heading to the Championship


Bores & Snores Versus Great Football Heading to the Championship

~ Amy Lignor

Okay…let’s be real honest here, people. On Saturday night when the Panthers went to Seattle, it seemed to be that everyone was taken back to Woodstock. Even though the Cowboys and the Packers game was going to be a supposed repeat of ‘The Ice Bowl’ the 60’s feel came from the announcers of the Seattle game. They loved them so much that the l89120-nfc-national-football-conference-logo-49110game transformed from football to an e-dating site. What people didn’t seem to ever comment on, however, was the fact that the Seahawks were hosting one of the worst teams in the NFL.


The commentators spoke about a Seattle ‘dynasty’ – and that is just too ridiculous to comment on. I mean…really? You jump too soon to block the field goal kick and THEN run into the kicker on your next shot up at bat? If one more fan has to hear Sherman yap, the NFL will have to worry about losing viewers. (Everyone in Seattle can yell about this, but you should know that you are the ONLY ones yelling.)


So what was the real NFC matchup this weekend? Duh! Watching the Cowboys attempt to come back and rebuild that real dynasty, against the men who also have a real dynasty that their present QB is running like clockwork, was incredible. Where Seattle and Carolina were bores and snores, these two came together to create one of the most interesting and dynamic playoff games possible.


Aaron Rodgers had a torn calf. Tony Romo has a back that must feel like he’s stuck in a nightmare most of the time. Neither defense is as good as they used to be, but the offensive line for both is absolutely incredible. Aaron was unbeaten at home this year; Romo unbeaten on the road. Aaron hasn’t thrown an interception in forever; Romo has thrown a few, but you are talking the number one and number two QB’s of the NFL this year facing off. So…
There is so much to say about this that it’s almost impossible to do so without writing a book. In the end, the two teams beat themselves to death for this one. Cowboys come in as the underdog (but not by much), to play against a home team that doesn’t lose at home, yet their QB – the MVP of the league most likely – is not 100%. He can’t move around in the pocket; he can’t prolong a play; whenever he gets hit 80,000+ fans suck in their breath wondering if he’s going to stand back up. He did.


Aaron Rodgers did not play like the QB he plays like all the time. However, he did play like the master QB he is. He handed the plays out like a dealer at the table in Vegas and, somehow, everything fell his way in the second half, allowing the Green Bay Packers to remain officially unbeaten on the frozen tundra.


Was this the Ice Bowl? Absolutely not. It was way better. Dallas can hold their heads up high, even though they probably won’t want to. Romo survived, which looked a little bleak after he kept getting smacked down. The only thing that will go down from this game is the catch that wasn’t. Dez Bryant, going up to win the game for the Cowboys and send them straight to Seattle where they would meet up with the birds one more time, caught and then…didn’t follow through. As Green Bay challenged the call of a completed catch, even Jason Garrett on the sidelines looked as if he already knew the answer. Dez didn’t catch it…game over.


Rodgers deserves the MVP, and now all the world can hope for is that his rookie and his running game are enough to go to Seattle and win. They lost there in Game 1 this season, and it’s time for pay back. It is the Packers turn to go to the Super Bowl. It is Rodgers turn to take that MVP and meet up with…Brady (?) perhaps…so that the world can FINALLY get back to enjoying one heck of a Super Bowl.


Go Pack!

Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle